• Toilet Fizz Refill Bag

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Toilet Fizz Refill Bag. Refill your 'LiL' Gem Candles Jar Toilet Fizz 'the easy way.

Make cleaning and freshening your toilet easy with our eco friendly Toilet Fizzers. Let the natural cleaning and fizzing action of bicarbonate soda and citric acid get to work on your pan by adding just two scoops (scoop provided) directly to your toilet bowl. Let it fizz, leave for 15 - 20mins, use toilet brush if desired and flush unleashing a burst of fragrance from the addition of our natural oils.

Alternatively add 2-3 scoops to your system for a burst of fragrance upon each flush (lasts 7-10 flushes). All natural ingredients, Vegan Friendly and free from animal cruelty as with all our products.